How To Fax From Your Android: A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you looking to send a fax from your Android device? With this step-by-step guide, you can easily learn how to do it in no time. Sending documents and files through the traditional method of faxing is still an important part of many businesses. But now with technological advances, sending a fax from your Android has never been easier! In just a few steps, you’ll be able to join the modern age by doing away with bulky machines and save yourself some time too. So let’s get started!

Understanding the Basics of Faxing with an Android Device

Faxing is a useful tool that allows people to send documents quickly and securely without having to rely on the USPS or other mail services. It has been around for many years, but with the rise of technology, it can now be done using an Android device. While some may think faxing is outdated and unnecessary in today’s digital age, there are still plenty of reasons why you might need to use it from time to time.

Before you start faxing from your Android device, it’s important to understand the basics of how it works. First off, you’ll need an app designed for sending faxes from your phone or tablet. There are several apps available on Google Play Store that will allow you to do this easily and quickly. Once installed, all you have to do is open the app and enter in the recipient’s fax number along with any other information required by the app (such as sender name). Then just attach the document(s) you wish to send along with any special instructions if necessary and hit “send” – within minutes your document should arrive at its destination!

  • Check what type of file formats your chosen app supports
  • Make sure that any sensitive data is encrypted before sending
  • Always double-check all numbers entered before hitting “send”

It’s also important that when using a smartphone or tablet for sending a fax from an Android device that certain precautions are taken such as ensuring only supported file types are sent (e.g., PDF), making sure sensitive data is encrypted prior transmission (if needed), etc.. Additionally, always double-check all numbers entered into fields like recipient address/phone number before hitting “send” button – one wrong digit could mean lost information or even worse potential fraud! With these tips in mind though, anyone can easily send documents via their own personal Android device safely and securely – no matter where they’re located in world!

Benefits of Sending a Fax from an Android Device

Sending a fax from an Android device is quickly becoming a preferred method for businesses and individuals alike. This technology allows users to send documents instantly, without the need for cables or printers. By sending a fax from an Android device, there are numerous benefits that come along with it.

One of the greatest benefits of being able to send a fax from an Android device is convenience. Users no longer have to travel to their local library or office supply store in order to use a physical fax machine. With just your mobile phone you can access all the features of modern day document delivery services right at your fingertips – literally! Additionally, by using an app specifically designed for this purpose, users won’t have to worry about compatibility issues between different operating systems as they would if they were sending via email or other methods.

Cost Savings

Another benefit associated with sending documents viafax on your android device is cost savings. Rather than having to pay out large sums of money every month in order rent or lease a traditional machine and its accompanying supplies (paper and toner), those who opt-in for cloud based services like FaxBurner only need pay the small fee per page when documents are sent/received which typically amounts into fractions compared what one could expect paying if using hardware alone.


Finally, when you’re sending sensitive information such as legal contracts or financial records over long distances online security becomes paramount issue; fortunately apps like FaxBurner provide AES 256 bit encryption meaning that data sent through our network remains secure throughout its entire journey from sender’s handset all way until recipient receives it on their end – alleviating any worries related confidential data getting intercepted mid-transit leaving both parties feeling safe and assured nothing was compromised during process

Finding Reliable Apps to Send Documents and Files via Fax on an Android


In a world that is rapidly becoming more digital, the need to send documents and files via fax has become increasingly important. For Android users, there are many apps available for both sending and receiving faxes. However, it can be difficult to find reliable apps that offer secure services at reasonable prices. In this article, we will discuss some of the best options for an Android user looking for a reliable app to send documents and files via fax on their device.

Options & Pricing:
Before we get into specific apps, let’s take a look at what options are available when it comes to pricing plans. Most apps will offer one-time payment plans as well as subscription-based models with various tiers depending on your needs. The most basic plan usually offers limited number of pages or credits per month while higher tier plans may include unlimited pages or credits per month along with other features such as extra storage space or support from customer service teams. It is important to consider your budget before deciding which option is best suited for you since different pricing models can have drastically different costs depending on usage patterns and volume of documents sent/received each month.

The Best Apps:
Now that we know what types of pricing models are available, let’s take a look at some of the top rated apps currently on the market for Android users who want reliable document sharing solutions over fax networks (in no particular order):

  • CamScanner:

This popular document scanning app enables users to scan any type paper document directly from their smartphone camera using advanced image processing technology resulting in high quality scans suitable for digital archiving or printing purposes; CamScanner also includes an integrated cloud storage feature so scanned items can easily be shared across devices without having access physical media; finally CamScanner also allows users to send up 10 page documents via Fax through its network providers worldwide at very competitive rates (as low as $0.10 USD/page).

  • eFax Free:
This comprehensive fax solution provides all necessary tools required by individuals wishing to send/receive personal or business related information securely over Fax networks free of charge; eFax Free allows users unlimited use within certain limits (up 5 pages/month) including signature creation capabilities plus additional security measures such as end-to-end encryption ensuring data integrity during transmission; however if more than 5 pages must be sent then upgrade options are available starting at $16 USD/yearly allowing up 150+pages monthly among other premium features such as virtual phone numbers and dedicated customer service lines..

  • MyFax Online Faxing App :
This powerful online tool enables customers utilizing mobile devices running Andriod OS platform(s) access Myfax full suite services offering them flexibility in terms mobility but still maintain professional standards regarding both transmission speed accuracy ; Myfax Online Faxing App provides unique combination bulk discount packages combined with individualized account settings tailored fit user’s exact needs ranging anywhere 2 -15 page packs priced reasonably between $1–$5USD respectively .

Setting Up Your Account for Sending/Receiving a Fax on your Android

Step One: Setting Up Your Google Voice Account

The first step to setting up your account for sending and receiving faxes on your Android device is to set up a Google Voice account. This can be done in two easy steps. First, download the app from the Google Play store, then sign into an existing or create a new Gmail account. Once you’re logged in, you’ll need to verify your phone number with either an automated call or text message. After verification is complete, you’ll have access to all of the features that come with having a Google Voice account such as free unlimited calls and texts within US & Canada, voicemail transcription powered by AI technologies and much more!

Step Two: Get Your Fax Number

Once you have your Google Voice account setup it’s time to get your own dedicated fax number so that people can send and receive documents directly from it without needing someone else’s help. Most services offer this for around $10/month or less – depending on how many numbers are needed – but some may even provide one for free if you just want a general purpose faxing service. There are various providers available online so make sure to do some research before settling on one particular company.

Step Three: Receiving Faxes From Others < br > Now that you have everything setup it’s time for other people to start sending their documents over! All they have to do is enter in the unique fax number associated with your account when prompted by their own provider (or whatever application they’re using) and hit “send” – once they’ve done that their document will be sent straight through into yours where it’ll wait until someone opens it up at which point its contents will become visible immediately!

Preparing the Document or File to be Sent as a Fax from your Android

Using Your Android Phone as a Fax Machine

Thanks to technological advances, sending and receiving documents via fax is now easier than ever. In fact, with the right setup and a few clicks of your mouse or taps on your smartphone screen, you can even use an Android phone as a fax machine!

In order to send out a document or file through the fax function on your Android device, there are several steps that should be taken prior to pressing “send”. First of all, it’s important to determine whether the document or file in question is compatible with being sent out by fax. The majority of common files such as PDFs and Word documents will work fine for this purpose; however more complex types of data may result in errors if you attempt to transmit them. To ensure that everything goes smoothly when it comes time for the actual transmission process, make sure any images used within the document have been saved at an appropriate resolution beforehand.

The next step is actually formatting the document itself before sending it out via fax from your android device. This includes making sure that contact information (including name/company name) appears clearly at both the top and bottom of each page in case something happens during transit – this way whoever receives it will know where exactly it came from without having to guess or look up details online themselves. Additionally, try setting margins between 0-1 inches so all text remains legible throughout its journey across various networks. Finally double check that line breaks appear correctly within paragraphs – otherwise they can end up looking jumbled together on another end which could lead to confusion among readers who don’t understand what was intended by their sender originally!

Once these essential tasks have been completed and confirmed successful upon reviewal then you’re ready to go ahead with sending out your document/file via fax from an android device! Simply enter recipient information into app interface provided (if necessary), select “Send” button located within settings menu – wait for confirmation message indicating success after transmission has concluded successfully! Now just sit back relax knowing that whatever important paperwork needed is now safely en route wherever intended destination may be – no need worry about lost mail anymore thanks modern technology advancements like using android phones as reliable digital facsimile devices today!

Steps to Follow in Order to Successfully Send a Fax from your Android Device

Using a Third Party App

Nowadays, sending a fax is easier than ever before. And with the right app on your Android device, you can even do it from the comfort of your own home! Here are some easy steps to follow if you want to be able to send and receive faxes quickly and efficiently.

  • Step 1: Download a compatible third-party application for your phone or tablet.

The first step in successfully sending a fax from an Android device is downloading a compatible third-party application. There are many different apps available for this purpose; however, it’s important that you choose one that will work well with your specific phone or tablet model. Make sure that the app has good customer reviews and ratings as well so that you know it will work properly when you go to use it.

  • Step 2: Register with the app.

Once you have downloaded the app onto your phone or tablet, you will need to register with it before proceeding any further. This process typically requires providing basic information such as name, address and email address along with setting up an account password for added security measures. Once this is done, then all users must log into their respective accounts each time they wish to send or receive faxes using the given service provider’s app on their devices.

  • Step 3: Configure settings.
After completing registration within the chosen third-party application software program itself, now comes configuring its settings according to individual preferences – such as setting up incoming/outgoing notifications via SMS/email alerts whenever new messages arrive (or sent) by default etcetera… Of course certain additional features may also be available depending upon which program version was originally purchased but these should still remain relatively straightforward enough either way regardless overall – no matter what type of user experience level happens currently at hand too here today during this entire process overall..

Troubleshooting Tips and Solutions if You Encounter Problems When Trying To Send A Fax From Your Android


Sending a fax from your Android phone can be an easy and convenient way to get important documents to their intended recipient quickly. Unfortunately, there are some instances where you may encounter problems while trying to send a fax. It could be as simple as having the wrong settings or it could be something more serious like not being able to connect with a server.

1) Check Your Settings: One of the most common issues people have when sending a fax from their Android is incorrect settings on either the sender’s or receiver’s end. To ensure your settings are correct, double check that you have entered in all of the necessary information before attempting to send the fax again. Additionally, make sure you are connected to wi-fi and/or cellular data if applicable.

2) Try Another App: If you continue having difficulties sending out your document via one particular app, try downloading another from Google Play Store and see how it works for you. Some apps even offer extra features such as automatic retry attempts if connection fails during transmission which can help increase success rate.

3) Contact Support: If after checking both sides’ settings and using multiple apps still doesn’t result in successful delivery of your fax then it may be time to contact customer support for further assistance. They should be able to provide additional tips and solutions tailored specifically towards helping resolve this issue so that next time everything goes smoothly!

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