How Many Android Users Are There? Uncovering The Latest Statistics

Are you curious to find out how many Android users are there in the world? If so, this article is for you! We’ve done the research and uncovered all of the latest statistics about Android’s user base. In this piece, we’ll explore just how popular Android has become over recent times and where it stands when compared to other platforms. So if you’re interested in learning more about one of today’s most widely used mobile operating systems, keep reading to uncover all of these fascinating figures!

I. Android Market Share Worldwide

Android undeniably dominates the world market for mobile operating systems. According to StatCounter, Android has a commanding 82% of worldwide market share for mobile phones in 2020. The closest competitor is iOS with 17%, followed by KaiOS at 0.6%. This data is sourced from over 10 million websites and 150 million active users per month – making it one of the most reliable sources available today.

II. Why Android Is So Successful

  • Flexibility
  • Customization
  • Availability of Apps & Services

Android’s success can be attributed to its flexibility, customization options and availability of apps & services; all three attributes have helped foster an environment where developers are able to build on top of existing features without having to reinvent the wheel every time they want something new added into their app or service.


The open source nature of Android allows developers to customize the platform according to their own needs. For example, if a developer wants a feature that isn’t currently supported by Google’s version of Android, they can create their own custom version using tools like AOSP (Android Open Source Project). This makes it easy for them to add any kind of functionality they need without having to wait around for Google or other third-party companies.


Similarly, due to its open source nature and support from various device manufacturers, there are tons of different versions available on different devices which offer unique user experiences tailored specifically towards individual needs – be it hardware performance enhancements or entirely new software features like gesture control etc. Additionally, many phone makers also provide extra customization options through their proprietary skins such as Samsung’s One UI or Huawei’s EMUI which further improve upon what comes preloaded out-of-the box.

Availability Of Apps And Services:

Finally, thanks largely in part due its huge install base across hundreds and thousands devices around the world – some estimates put this number close 1 billion – there are millions upon millions applications & services designed exclusively for use on Android platforms that allow users do almost anything imaginable with just few clicks away.


II. Growth of Android Users Over Time

Android is the leading mobile platform for many smartphone users. Over the past decade, Android has seen remarkable growth in its user base. It has been estimated that over one billion active devices are currently running on the Android platform. As more and more people switch from other operating systems to Android, developers have had to rise to the challenge of addressing this growing audience.

One of the biggest reasons behind Android’s success is its open-source nature. This allows developers to customize their apps and make them available on a variety of different devices. Additionally, it also makes it easier for third-party app stores such as Amazon Appstore or Google Play Store to offer better deals than those found in Apple’s App Store.

Another factor that contributes to the increasing number of users worldwide is Android’s affordability compared with Apple products; while some top-tier models may be expensive, there are several budget options available which still provide excellent performance at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, companies like Samsung have invested heavily in marketing campaigns aimed specifically at luring customers away from iOS and towards their own Galaxy range of phones.

In conclusion, due largely to its open source nature and low cost appeal – coupled with smarter marketing strategies – we can see how over time Android has become an incredibly popular choice amongst smartphone users all around world today; a trend which looks set only continue into future years as new technologies develop alongside ever-growing markets for both hardware & software solutions alike!

III. Popularity of Android vs Other Platforms

The Android operating system has become the most popular mobile platform in the world, with a global market share of nearly 70%. It stands apart from other platforms due to its open source nature, which allows for greater customization. Additionally, it is well-suited for developers thanks to its intuitive user interface and powerful development tools.

User Interface

Android offers an extremely customizable user interface through its home screen widget system. Widgets allow users to quickly access their favorite content without needing to navigate away from the home page. This makes navigation more efficient and enjoyable for users as they can easily find what they need without having to search deep into menus or applications. Furthermore, Android’s notification system is highly reliable and helps ensure that users are always kept up-to-date on relevant information such as incoming calls or messages.

Development Tools

Android also provides robust development tools that make creating apps easier than ever before. Developers can take advantage of various APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) designed specifically for Android devices so that developing apps becomes much simpler and faster than other systems require. The wide range of APIs available means developers have plenty of options when creating their product, giving them greater freedom in terms of designing an application tailored precisely towards a particular audience’s needs and wants rather than having limited resources at hand like with some competing platforms.

IV. Regional Differences in Android Usage

North America

Android usage in North America varies markedly by region. Generally, states along the east and west coasts tend to have higher Android usage than those in the middle, although this is largely due to population density rather than any particular preference for Android over iOS. For example, California consistently ranks as one of the highest regions for Android usage with more than 50 percent of all smartphone users using an Android device. This is likely because it has a high population density which means there are more people using smartphones who can afford an expensive device like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. However, other states such as Iowa and Nebraska typically rank lower in terms of Android use since they have much smaller populations and thus fewer people who can afford devices like these.

In Europe, many countries also show strong regional differences when it comes to Android usage with some countries having higher percentages of users on the platform compared to others. For example, Germany usually has a significantly higher percentage of users on that platform compared to nearby France or Italy where Apple tends to be more popular among consumers. This could be attributed to different cultural preferences between countries but also economic factors such as affordability or access to technology stores where people can purchase new phones from companies like Samsung or HTC which produce mainly android-based devices compared with companies like Apple which make iPhones exclusively.


Finally, Asia exhibits perhaps the most diverse range of regional differences when it comes to mobile phone choices including both android and iOS platforms being used across various countries throughout this continent depending on what type of device is available locally at affordable prices and if there’s any national preference towards either system operating systems overall. In India for instance while Apple products remain relatively rare due its high cost Google’s android continues dominate market share thanks largely their wider range options fit into budgets most customers however Japan stands out against trend boasting largest proportion iPhone ownership world albeit still trailing behinds rival OS’ popularity elsewhere Asia Pacific region whole .

V. Breakdown of Different Models and Brands Used by People with Android Devices

Android devices are the most popular smartphones worldwide due to their wide range of features and affordable prices. Android devices come in many models, from budget-friendly to high-end ones. Knowing which model and brand is best suited for a particular user’s needs can be difficult. This article will provide an overview of some of the most commonly used Android models and brands available today.

The first major brand that comes to mind when discussing Android phones is Samsung – one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of mobile phones in the world. They offer both budget friendly options such as the Galaxy J series, as well as more expensive flagship models like the Galaxy S line or Note series with additional features like stylus input support. Additionally, they have recently released foldable phones such as their new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G phone which offers users a unique design experience unlike any other device on market.

Another popular brand for people looking for an android device is Huawei – another large manufacturer who has been around since before Apple even came into existence (unlike companies like OnePlus). Their most popular product lines include their Mate 30 Pro series and P30 Pro series; both feature excellent specs including long battery life and strong performance capabilities while also being relatively affordable compared to other premium flagships on market today.

Finally, Google’s own Pixel line has become increasingly sought after by those wanting an experience closer to stock android without sacrificing power or quality hardware components typically found in more expensive handsets elsewhere; its latest Phone 5a Ultra boasts impressive camera capabilities at a fraction of what you’d expect from top tier flagship devices yet still manages to deliver smooth performance thanks its mid-range processor paired with 6GB RAM.

These three brands represent some of the main players when it comes to selecting your ideal android device but there are plenty others out there offering great value too! Companies such as Xiaomi, Realme OnePlus all have solid offerings ranging from mid-tier upmarket products depending on your individual needs & preferences so no matter what sort of phone you’re seeking out there’s bound something available perfect for everyone!

VI. Most Downloaded Apps on the Google Play Store for Androids

Most Downloaded Apps on the Google Play Store

The world of mobile apps is a vast one, with hundreds of new apps being released every day. With so much choice, it can be hard to know what’s worth downloading and using; however, some apps have proven themselves as user-favorites over time. Here are some of the most downloaded Android apps available on the Google Play store:

  • Facebook: The original social media platform has been around for more than a decade now, but its popularity shows no sign of waning. Facebook remains one of the most downloaded Android applications – and not just because it’s free! It offers an easy way to stay in touch with friends and family from anywhere in the world.
  • Youtube: Youtube has become an integral part of modern life for many people – especially since its videos are available on almost any device or operating system you can think of. With billions of hours watched each month, this app is certainly popular amongst users looking for entertainment.
  • WhatsApp Messenger: This messaging application allows users to send texts messages without having to pay expensive fees associated with SMS texting plans from their service providers. WhatsApp also allows voice calls and video chat between contacts who use this software.

These three apps represent only a small fraction of what’s available on the Google Play Store; there’s something out there that appeals to everyone! Whether you’re looking for entertainment, communication tools or anything else – chances are you can find an app that suits your needs perfectly on this platform. And if nothing catches your eye? Don’t worry; new content is always being added every day so keep checking back often!

VII. Impact of 5G Networks on the Increase in Android Users


The exponential growth of 5G networks has been a major factor in the increase of Android users. Smartphones are now capable of providing faster internet speeds, with devices that are becoming more affordable and powerful every day. With 5G networks, people can experience better connection speeds, improved latency, and increased capacity for data transfer. This has enabled mobile operators to offer services such as streaming music or videos at much higher quality than ever before. As a result, the demand for smartphones running on Android platforms has skyrocketed; this is because they provide access to all these features at an attractive price point while still offering excellent performance.

Advantages of Using an Android Device

Android devices have some distinct advantages over other operating systems when it comes to using 5G networks. These include:

  • Ease Of Use – The platform is user friendly and offers easy navigation.
  • Flexibility – It provides users with the ability to customize their device according to their needs.
  • .

  • Compatibility – Most apps developed for use on Android devices will be available across different versions of the OS
  • .


In addition, many manufacturers offer exclusive features such as facial recognition technology or advanced processor capabilities that allow users to enjoy enhanced experiences on their phones.



As we continue into 2021 and beyond, the advancement in 5G network technologies will only become further embedded within our everyday lives. This development will open up new possibilities for those who choose an android device; be it due its ease of use or compatibility between different versions – making them ideal choices for those looking for a fast & reliable service provider without compromising on power or budget..

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